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Saturday, April 17, 2021

7:00pm MT


All donations go to

The Evan Fischer Foundation


I am honored to guide the second annual "Yoga For Hope" donation yoga class in April to support The Evan Fischer Foundation.   We will practice one hour of yoga in homage of those who have lost the battle of addiction and the loved ones who miss them dearly.    We know that pain never goes away.   We will also practice to send hope to those who are still fighting addiction and the family and friends who love and support them.   


Evan Fischer died of a heroin overdose in 2011.   Since then, Evan's dad Matthew has worked tirelessly to provide supplemental funding for drug and alcohol treatment to families who cannot afford to send their teen or young adult on their own.    My own 21 year-old son Sam has battled heroin addiction for more five years now.   Our family is fortunate that we have had the ability (with the help of both insurance and extended family) to cover the expense of five separate treatments.   Many families do not have the resources for even one.

Matt is meticulous in deciding who he helps.   He doesn't just randomly hand money out and he doesn't cover the whole cost of treatment.   He interviews the family and the addict to get a feel for their level of commitment first.   He tries to allocate his resources to those who are "in the game" on every level because this is the only way one can stay sober.    Matt and I have each learned this lesson in very painful ways, although clearly Matt has suffered more in his tragic loss than I have in my fear and insanity.   

The truth is, I have seen people get clean, even when it seemed unlikely.    I have seen others go through treatment after treatment before they get it, if they get it.    Recovery is hard but everyone deserves a chance, especially our younger generation.   

People like Matthew Fischer give people like me, the mom of a young man addicted to heroin, hope.   

Please donate directly at The Evan Fischer Foundation  and note "Yoga for Hope"  on your tax deductible donation.      Thank you from the bottom of  my heart.   You may be helping to save a life.