“Angie is an absolutely OUTSTANDING yogi, woman and teacher. I look forward to her classes with anticipation each and every time, despite the MANY years I’ve been attending them! As a seasoned yogi, Angie guides her students with grace, compassion, softness and strength. She has the unique ability to connect with her followers in a way few others have mastered. Angie is second to NONE… don’t even hesitate for a second - GET TO ONE OF HER BEAUTIFUL, CHALLENGING AND REFRESHING classes… TODAY!!"    Mona Hinman-Briscoe


"Angie taught several yoga classes for my bridal party, and family and friends. leading up to my wedding day.  It was a great opportunity for my family and friends to connect and spend time together.  

Angie taught our classes on the beach.  She will design the class to fit your needs.    I wanted an intermediate class that would inspire a calming perspective for the day.   Her class was so refreshing!  It was the perfect way to start the morning of my wedding.   Everyone absolutely loved it.

I highly recommend Angie to teach your destination class, whether it's at the beach or in the mountains it will be a great experience!   Thanks again Angie!"    Rachel Kistemaker


"Angie’s classes are thoughtful, and her flow sequences are built with care. One of the main reasons I love her classes is actually Angie herself! She is genuine, open, and knowledgeable, and a true guide. I just love connecting with her before and after class!"   Robin Carey


"Angie is awesome and so are her classes!  She inspires me to be strong and flexible both physically and mentally so I can continue my adventures!"  Lori Feeken


"Angie incorporates a spiritual message, body/mind/breath connection, as well as strength building into her yoga practice. I always feel re-centered and more relaxed after her classes. Angie is humble and approachable but has a lot of experience practicing yoga and working with postures. She is very knowledgeable and can give tips on modifications for all bodies. I highly recommend any of her classes."  Samsara Sorrells


"I love Angie's yoga classes!   Her selection of movements combined with the beautiful messages she incorporates during the sessions always leave me feeling refreshed and restored."  Alex Feeken


I do my best to attend one of Angie’s sessions each week.  She presents the right mix of balance, strength, smooth flow and deep stretch.  Each class brings a unique combination of new and challenging poses.  Most importantly, Angie exudes acceptance, calm and positivity. 


I leave with a new outlook for the week. I am so grateful that Angie has helped us thru this pandemic with virtual yoga. 

— Jamie.


"Yoga isn't just for the ladies. I have been practicing yoga with Angie for at least five years and find it be a great addition to my CrossFit training. I can easily apply yoga techniques to CrossFit in my breathing, stamina, muscle tone, balance and flexibility as well as being a great way to relax. Yoga helps me stretch my aching muscles after a hard CrossFit week and prepares my body for another week of heavy training. I look forward to Angie's classes every week and recommend her classes for anyone just starting to get in shape and those who have been practicing for years."  - Burness