About Me




Hi,  I'm Angie, thank you for stopping by!   I live in Lakewood Colorado, am the mom of four, and also the dog mom of one.   When I am not teaching or practicing yoga you will either find me on a trail with said dog, Luna,  hanging out with my kids or family,  hanggliding, or writing.    I am also a trail runner who aspires to complete a 100-miler some day.   


I dabbled in yoga for many years but honestly only developed a consistent practice when I literally thought my trail days depended on it.   My body was getting tighter and more unbalanced with age and the miles that I was accumulating while  running and hiking were exacerbating the situation.   Then, one day I walked into a studio that was right for me.  I met the yoga teacher that I consider my guru to this day.    Her powerful words resonated with me and her sequences were amazing.   I was energized and never looked back.    Suddenly, I felt the magic that yoga has to offer and slowly but surely it began to unlock the kinks in my body in spite of running!   


Years later, not only am I still running, (and newly back to flying after a 20-year hiatus), I am constantly astounded at the profound ways that yoga has and continues to change my life.   I am physically stronger than I ever have been and my balance, posture, and coordination have vastly improved over the years.   I have enhanced my lung capacity and healed my previously injured neck to full function.   However, those examples are almost insignificant compared to how yoga has REALLY changed my life.


I now see life in a way that doesn't allow me to "sweat the small stuff".   I still struggle with patience at times, but my fuse is longer and I can more readily apologize.      I have become more confident and also vulnerable enough to start new adventures such as running trail ultras, launching a yoga blog, and teaching live classes online.    Perhaps the greatest gift that yoga has bestowed upon me is the power of human connection. 


Yoga has allowed me to see into the soul of other humans through their words, movements, and expressions.   Over the years, an occasional yogi has told me that I have changed their life.   To that, I graciously say "thank you, but it is yoga that has changed your life, I am merely the messenger".    That is how yoga works.    There is a teacher for everyone.  Some of us then become compelled to pass on the same precious gift we have been given and become teachers ourselves.

Yoga has helped me cure what I cannot or will not endure.    It has also helped me to endure that I cannot cure what is most precious to me.