The Silhouette Yogi

Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Private Classes and Lessons

Private (1-3 person) yoga classes in my studio or at your location.   All levels welcome.   

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Private Heated Classes

1-2 persons

My Studio or at Your




Weekly Online Class Schedule

All Classes are Colorado Mountain Time Zone


Tuesday - 5:45-6:45pm    Slow Vinyasa Flow.

Sunday - 9:00-9:45am -Yin Yoga

Sunday - 10:00-11:15am-Challenging 75 Minute Vinyasa Flow 


Welcome to The Silhouette Yogi 

Yoga is magic that can be obtained by anyone.   You don't have to be able to touch your toes or bend your body into the shape of a pretzel.   You don't have to be thin, vegan or soft spoken. You don't have to wear skin-hugging OR long flowing outfits, eat organically, or burn incense.  You just have to show up.  

To get the benefits of yoga, you simply have to practice consistently and be willing to grow.  You should expect that your mind and body will open in ways you either didn't expect or perhaps never have imagined possible.   You will begin to "peel the layers" (a favorite saying of my own guru) and find what is important and meaningful to you.


You will find a sense of strength you have never known and you will then recognize that it doesn't come from your power,  it comes from your grace.   Namaste.